Ultrasuede Studio utilizes Apple Logic X software for most of our projects. We also support MOTU DigitalPerformer and Avid ProTools 12 (Native).

Below is a partial list of the gear that is available at no extra charge for studio clients. It’s possible that some of these items are out of service at any given time. If your session depends upon specific items, make sure you let us know so we can guarantee their availability. If you need a complete gear list with model numbers and mic counts please give us a call at 513-394-6427 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Need something we don’t have? We’ll be happy to rent it for you at a reasonable rate.

Our recording approach combines the best of analog and digital technology. We utilize an analog front-end comprised of new and vintage ribbon, tube, dynamic and condenser mics into high-end preamps and processors. Those fat, warm tones are fed into the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) through an Antelope Orion32 interface. Our unique approach gives your tracks all the warmth and sparkle of analog with the efficiency, convenience and repeatability of digital. If you think digital recordings have to sound cold and harsh, think again.


Control Room & Monitors: Apple MacPro 3.5GHz 6-core with 12MB of L3 cache Logic X, ProTools 12, UAD Powered Plug-Ins Antelope Audio Orion32 interface (32 in/out, 24-bit, 192K) Yamaha NS10, Dynaudio BM5A monitors; Dangerous Monitor-ST; Hafler Amps Behringer’s Powerplay P16 headphone system w/ 8 stations Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones

Martin Royer

Preamps & Outboard Processing: Manley Dual-Mono, TAB V78M, UA LA610, Seventh Circle, Sytek MP4, MH ULN8 mic preamps Manley Vari-Mu (stereo), Distressor, LA4 (x2), DBX160 (x2), Fed+, Smart C2 (stereo), MOHOG 1176 compressors Sphere 930 (x2), UA 550A analog EQs Plate reverb, AKG BX10 reverb

Mics: Neumann U67, Mojave MA2 (x2), RCA 77DX, RCA 44, Beyer M500 (all rebuilt by Ben Sneesby) Coles 4038; Royer R121, R122V; Beyer M88, 201, M268; AKG414 (matched pair), 414ULN, D112 (x2); Cascade X24 (stereo ribbon); Neumann 47FET; Sennheiser 409, 609, 441, 421 (x3); EV RE20; Shure SM7, SM57 (x4), Beta58 (x3); Many others including B.L.U.E., Oktava, Audix, Astatic, Audio Technica, EV, Sennheiser, AKG and more… LittleLabs IBP DI/Re-Amp; Countryman Type85 DI (x2); Sescom passive DI; ART stereo ground isolation DI (x2); Other DI’s including Stewart, Whirlwind, Boss and more…

Zero G

Keyboards: Conover 6′ “baby” grand piano, Sargent upright piano; single-manual harpsichord; Ludwig-Musser M-40 vibraphone; Hammond B3 organ & Leslie 125; Hohner Clavinet D6; Fender Rhodes 73 MK-I; Yamaha P-200 digital piano; Nord Electro-2 61 keyboard

Guitar, Bass & Drums: Fender Strat, Jaguar; Telecaster-style custom electric guitar; Gibson SG custom-mod electric guitar, SG 12-string electric; Martin acoustic guitar; MusicMan Sting Ray electric bass; Peavey T40 electric bass; Fender Jazz electric bass; Ludwig 5-piece drum kit & hardware (Kick: 22×16, Toms: 12×8, 14×13, 16×13); Snares: Ludwig hammered brass 6×14, Acrolyte 5×14, Pioneer 5×14 snare; Gretsch snare, Queen City Drums snare; Latin Percussion congas; Kettle drums (from the historic King Studio!) and the requisite bin of tambourines, shakers, etc.

Amplifiers: Fender Princeton Reverb “black face” 1×10 combo w/Jensen Green Alnico-style spark., DeVille 2×12 combo, Twin, Super 6; Vox AC-15 head; Magnatone 280A stereo vibrato 2×12 combo; RCA tube “16mm projector” head (custom-built); Gibson GA6 w/Weber Ferromax spkr., Z-Vex Nano amp; Ampeg B-15N flip-top bass combo, Gallien & Krueger RB-400 bass head (w/ Alesis 3630 compressor); Leslie 122 & Combo PreAmp Pedal; Guinness beer can amp (seriously!)

Guinness Amp

Speaker Cabinets: Jensen vintage 1×12 guitar, Kendrick Green Back 1×12 guitar, Eminence Red Coat 1×10 guitar, Silvertone 2×12 guitar, Mesa 4×10 slant front guitar, Ampeg 4×10 bass, Ampeg 1×15 bass, Sunn 610-S bass cabinet; plus assorted guitar and bass speaker cabinets…

FX Pedals: Original SuperFuzz; Cry Baby 535Q Wah-Wah; Morley A/B; Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal; Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Big Muff Pi, Memory Man, Wiggler tube tremolo/vibrato; Buddah Bass tube overdrive; Line-6 M5 multi-effect; Soul Preacher; DOD bass octave pedal; DigiTech Whammy Mammy


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