The view from the Control Room.

The view from the Control Room.


Ultrasuede Studio, Inc. is a full service, professional recording studio in Cincinnati, OH. We have been working with original bands to make great recordings for more than 20 years. Located in one of the last remaining classic rooms in Cincinnati, Ultrasuede is the perfect choice if you’re an artist or band looking for a comfortable studio with a great sound to record your original material.

Professional multitrack audio recording and mixing in a classic room.



The control room and studio are LEDE-type* rooms designed by Jeffrey Cooper. The CRM dimensions are: 15’ x 18’ x 12’. The large studio room is about 30’ x 40’ with a 12′ ceiling and an isolation room. All rooms have excellent sight lines. *[LEDE = Live End Dead End]

The Studio room is one of the last remaining “classic” studio spaces in Cincinnati. Originally known as QCA Studio A, the studio and control rooms were designed in the mid-1970’s by David Harrison, who also designed and built the original studio console. During those early years, the studio hosted everything from gospel to R&B to rock to The USAF Marching Band. Bootsy Collins (he gave Babyface his now-famous nickname during a session in Studio A), George Clinton and Bernie Worell did many sessions here during the post P-Funk era. Billy Preston was another frequent client. Teddy Pendergrass cut some tracks here, too. The control room was redesigned in the early 1980’s by Jeff Cooper, who wrote the book “Building a Recording Studio”. Harrison was also involved in the remodeling.

During the late 1980’s the studio served as home base for Reggie Calloway, of the Cincinnati R&B dance band Midnight Star.

Ultrasuede moved into Q.C.A. Studio A in June of 1997 and restored the control room to Cooper’s original design. We have an extensive selection of high-end mics and outboard gear.


Being in the studio all day and  listening to your songs over and over can be fatiguing under the best of circumstances which is why we have a sweet lounge area with kitchenette and bar, wireless high-speed Internet, stereo, digital HDTV, DVD library, PS3 video games and an interesting collection of books. We also have a ‘fridge, microwave and coffee machine, so make yourself at home. Sometimes a bit of distance can add a lot of perspective.